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CRM is a great tool to analyse customer behaviour and track them for recurring income. We offer CRM and other marketing tools to our sales agents in UK

It should have the following features.

  • The ability to add custom fields so that users can add a defined formula. It enhances the tracking market characteristics.
  • Customise drop-down lists within the custom user-defined field; it allows you to add data with simple clicks rather than manual typing. It speeds up the data entry process and makes it easier to search and analyse. 
  • It should have the facilities to make a search database across multiple fields. 
  • A feature to make certain fields mandatory and optional, based on the users’ information requirement.
  • HIgh level of security and user access provides everyone with the option to add and delete user-defined fields.

How to Create a CRM – Mistakes to Avoid

Over the years, CRM has upgraded and added several features to analyse customer information. However, it has become complex to simple and easy to use. Still, you have to avoid the following mistakes.  

Many business owners track only their existing customers through CRM, but there should be an option to track potential customers. Sales target should be on an audience who are going to buy the service. Targeting only the existing customers is a waste of money.  

However, only tracking the potential customers is not enough; you need to track the date/time. There should be a field like “Next Sales Contact Date”; it should be a mandatory field. It turns your normal CRM into a gold treasure because it consists of the list of potential customers and the date of their next purchase. It makes independent UK sales representatives jobs easier. 

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