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Most salespeople are asked to lower the price of their products/ services. The same scenario applies to automobiles or real estate businesses. Do you always pay the price for a car mentioned on the windshield? Definitely not.

It is a common psychology of the buyers, and you should expect it. However, as an independent sales rep, you can change how you respond to the negotiation request. The good news is, you do not have to lower your cost if you follow these rules. We will cover all the points in a few posts. 

So let’s start by telling the difference between fixed and discounted prices.

State Your Price as Fact

Before we tell you, answer a common question:

How do you tell your prospects about the price of a product or service? 

Please do not use the phrases like “quoted price”, ”suggested price”, “usual price”. It shows there is more than one price. It means the prospect will request a better cost. 

Instead, simply use “the price is” as a fixed cost- there is no volatility or discount (in some cases) in the price. It seems like the product or service has a fixed cost- this is what the customer has to pay. 

These small adjustments greatly impact sales volume, especially if you are selling products for companies UK. Follow our website to know more of such tips and sales-related articles. Do not forget to follow us on social media.

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