Utility Umbrella University

Are You The Right Person?

Although this opportunity is open to EVERYONE, we are very selective in terms of not only the calibre of people we partner with but the attitude and enthusiasm of the individuals too. It is paramount to us that the Our Partners respect not only the customers but also the brand and themselves.

Complete Opportunity

We provide all the tools needed to succeed, including both training and phone and email support. The only missing ingredient is the effort on your part. You can earn recurring commissions by accepting these passive income opportunities.

No Risk, Just Reward

No joining & setup fees, no large franchise or commission rates, just ever-increasing un-capped residual earnings. Passive income can be a great way to help you generate the right cash flow.

No Contract, No Ties

Just like our services, there are no fixed-term or hidden agreements in place, giving you the flexibility to be dynamic with your hours and commitment.

What We Do?

Utility Umbrella University

Phone System

Utility Umbrella University


Utility Umbrella University


Utility Umbrella University


Partners Programme

We work with a vast number of reputable individuals and corporations who are Partners with our brand. 

The Partner’s role within Utility Umbrella is considered one of ‘Business Development’, requiring individuals to display a high level of professionalism and integrity when interacting with potential customers and introducing them to Utility Umbrella.

UNCAPPED RESIDUAL EARNINGS, for the LIFE OF THE SALE, make this an opportunity that cannot be ignored. 

Put in the time and dedication and create for yourself the financial freedom you have been seeking.

You can pick and choose which services you wish to offer to customers. 

The more you offer, the more potential revenue streams you will benefit from!

We offer ALL Partner’s the following:

  • Free Product Training and On-going Partner Support
  • Market-leading products at market leading rates
  • No Ceiling on Earning potential 
  • Earn a residual on the life of the Customers Contract.

Where do I sign?

If you believe you have what it takes to succeed as a Partner with Utility Umbrella, please complete the form, and your application will be forwarded to our new partners Team, you will then be invited to a meeting with one of our business development directors. 


Who we are?

Utility Umbrella is an ‘all-in-one’ solution for businesses in the UK.

Our goal is to help thousands of SME businesses to stand out in their industry. Above all, we equip them with the latest technologies and deliver excellent products and services. We see our current customers as family members and that is why we consult them continually with new solutions and ensure full satisfaction.

Utility Umbrella University