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Do you know studies have shown that 60% of sales are made to prospects who have already said ‘NO’? It sounds crazy!

Experienced sales agents in the UK know it takes 5-10 voicemails to get a return message. 

In marketing, the phrase ‘retargeting customers’ is very popular; it gives you the opportunity to make them hear your company name. Generally, it takes three times before it even registers in their mind. That is why independent UK sales representatives know how hard it is to make the first sale to a new customer. However, it is easier to get recurring sales. 

Another method is to promote loyalty subscriptions; it helps you build a loyal customer base for recurring income. 

In a competitive industry, generating new customers is getting more challenging, so brands focus more on customer retention, loyalty software and generating recurring income from existing customers.

Stay Connected with Potential Customers

Please remember that customers will buy on their timeline, not on your timeline. If he does not buy from you today, you need to stay in touch with him and wait for his timeline. 

You should know more about the potential customers- their requirements, current service provider for the same service, other services related to their businesses etc.

CRM is such a tool when it is implemented properly; it drives a great result. A normal CRM can be a Google calendar, excel sheet or outlook; it can also be a customised CRM. It depends on your budget and performance. 

In our Partnership Program, we offer a well-designed, customized CRM to help you track your clients. If you want to join our Program, please fill-up the form and one of our executives will call you back shortly. You can work with us to promote our services and start your own business or passive income source.

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