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Profitable sales price is when you cover the company’s fixed costs. It means, if it contributes at least one dollar towards company fixed costs, then it would be regarded as a ‘profitable sale’. As an independent sales consultant UK, you should know this aspect of selling. 

A sale is profitable as long as all variables are covered in the pricing, including the sales commissions. 

Here tools like minimum selling price calculators will help you determine the profitable price. It also helps in price negotiation. Moreover, you will have the stats to make business decisions quickly.

Negotiate Your Price

As independent UK sales representatives, if you want to increase the sales volume, you may need to lower your price. Here the calculator helps you find the lowest profitable sales price for your product/services. 

In a competitive industry, customers will always request a price negotiation. First, you have to justify your actual price point. 

Many beginners cannot handle the pressure of the customers and agree to lower the price; it would make a bad impression about the product/services. It shows the price is higher than the utility of the item. 

A fixed priced product/ service is always better than a discounted price. As a business owner, we always sell our services at a fixed price, but it does not mean we do not promote discounts.

We offer discounts following the profitable selling formula. Now we want to scale our services with you. If you are an experienced marketer and want a sales agent job London, then we are ready to welcome you. 

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