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You must be comfortable with the pricing. If you get nervous before the prospect, it shows the gap between the product utility and pricing. Moreover, it shows the price of the product is too high. The prospect will request for price negotiation. 

As sales agents in UK, it is a practice even if the price is in the higher range. Rehearse before you come in front of the customers. The more you rehearse, the more confident you will be, and the chances of conversion will increase. 

If your prospect requests for negotiation, say ‘no’. Saying no is fine as long as you are comfortable with the present sales volume. 

Common Scenario

“I get the same product from your competitor at a lower price”.

It is the line that many of you listen to throughout your sales career. As business owners, we used to face this issue. However, now, we have solved this problem with our ‘fixed price’ model. 

Why is the prospect wasting time negotiating with us if this is true? He would have already brought the services from our competitors. Right? 

The truth is, because of our service, customer care, reputation, and authority, the prospect has noticed the difference between our team and competitors. 

Yes, everyone wants the lowest price, it is the common psychology of the buyers, but an independent sales consultant UK has to be tactful in this regard. If he has the right product for the customers, he does not have to lower the price. 

Negotiate the Price

Sometimes the buyer has true concerns over a product/service. In this case, ask a few questions to understand the buyer and solve their problems. 

If an online business agent UK thinks the product does not solve the ‘real’ problems of the buyer, then he can reduce the price. 

However, do not discount the price on the proposed solution. First, try to justify the price; if it does not work and needs to fulfil a certain sales volume, you can offer a lower price. 

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