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broadband, Broadband

Should you shop around?

It’s important to stress that, before you begin to shop around for business broadband deals, you should be fully aware of your requirements. This will then enable you to compare offerings on a like-for-like basis, matching products from different providers in a way that clearly identifies the best deal.

As a customer, you are in the best possible position to benefit from the increase in competition. Tariffs are continually evolving, meaning that you are able to secure more for your money than you could have twelve months earlier.

Shopping around helps ensure you get the best value for money. With broadband – either for home or business – there is no difference. As the marketplace has more providers offering similar services, it makes sense to investigate precisely what’s on offer. Doing so may well see you save money in both the short and the long term.

Free Router included

We understand how important it is to stay connected at optimum speeds. Our packages come with a free router that emitts a strong signal to all areas of your establishment so that you maintain a reliable Wi-Fi connection everywhere. Any problems with our service will be resolved as soon as possible by our technical support team.

Smart Design Best Wi-Fi Signal Two Wi-Fi Channels

broadband, Broadband

Broadband Packages

Standard Broadband
25.99 £
Per Month
Totally Unlimited Broadband

Up to 24 Mbps downstream

Up to 1 Mbps upstream

1 Static IP on request

Free Router (Plug & Play)

Superfast Fibre
32.99 £
Per Month
Totally Unlimited Broadband

Up to 80 Mbps downstream

Up to 20 Mbps upstream

1 Static IP on request

Free Router (Plug & Play)