What do we do?

Real Agent is a multi-functional provider who specialises in setting up businesses with the latest technology in the industry; giving them everything they need to flourish and stay ahead of competition. We provide the latest technology in Broadband, VoIP, Merchant services, EPOS, and WiFi loyalty.  We like to support our community of businesses with close communication and leading customer service right from the start. Our aim is to save valuable time and money by having all your bills in one place at the industries lowest rates. We aim to consult and not just sell; empowering you with knowledge and leaving you to make the best decisions.


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The Real Agent Story

Real Agent was established over 3 years ago to help entrepreneurs get their products/services to market effectively and stay ahead of competition. We also helped those who were equipped with only a dream and without real assets, to get on the path to success.

Our goal is to help thousands of SME businesses to stand out in their industry. Above all, we equip them with the latest technology to deliver excellent products and services. We see our current customers as family members under our wing, consulting and supporting them continually with new solutions and supporting any issues they have.

What makes us so unique is the diversity of the team, which ranges from different cultures, career background and ages. We came together to create one future – a community of happy business customers. We combined our expertise to create a business like no other; a one stop shop for everything a business would need to flourish. Therefore day-to-day operations should be seamless and without hassle, with everything in one location and someone human always there to answer the phone.

Real Agent was designed to go against the grain of society. The principles are simple – Bleed passion, go that extra mile and make someone’s day just that little bit easier.

You are our best interest. If you grow, we grow!

To your success…

Real Agent Team

Meet our Team

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Daniel WrigglesworthCEO

Daniel Wrigglesworth is a young industry professional who realized that there was a gap in the communications market. He observed that the service providers, retailers and conglomerates; approach each other and clients at an inefficient pace. The goal was to connect them in a way that made communication fast, cross-linked and cost-effective so businesses could have the flexibility to grow fast and efficiently.

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Emmy LocettCEO’s Head of Communication

Fully trained in the dark art of personal assistance and never too far from a pen or a notepad. Emmy is a walking calendar ready to remind you of just about everything; from your peanut allergy to your meeting with Ray Winston, she has you covered.

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David MartinContent Manager

David is a young and fresh-brained individual. Starting from a creative background in Product Design he is always ready to take on new approaches to problem solving. The image, the etiquette and the message of the company is of particular importance to him. Therefore, he won’t settle until everything is pixel perfect and the delivery is totally on point. This content wizard spends his spare time photographing peoples eye-balls (with consent of course) and making music on Ableton. Overall, he is a weird little chap with heaps of creativity.

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Damian JagusiakChief Technology Officer

Damian is a mountain of a Technology Officer; working with web technologies to make sure that everything in the brand is functioning and well secured. His adventure with Real Agent started three years ago and so he likes to announce that “I am still standing”. What does he enjoy about the job? Anything and everything! One aspect is the atmosphere because it makes him feel at home. Another is the communication which he strongly believes is the key ingredient to an excellent job. He is often found caught up in a spider web of coding endeavours, some say he is nocturnal while others say he survives purely on energy drinks… though one thing is for certain, he gets the job done!

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Lois StrakerChief Compliance & Operations Officer

Lois spent her early career in property development and later went onto being a further education lecturer. She then trained as an administrator in health and social care, specializing in children and families. Her goals and desires aligned hugely with Real Agents ethics so it was a no-brainer for her to join the team.

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Jon BarrasCommercial Director

A Senior Manager in Payment Services with a record of outstanding results in regulated Financial Services. A challenging, innovative, people focused leader with a proven track record of motivating people to change behaviour and achieve exceptional results. A natural team builder, with excellent presentation skills and considerable experience of achievement through others.

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Monica SaundersFinance Officer

Monica spent her first 14 years of developing administration practises as a civil Servant before moving into an unqualified social work role. So after qualifying in 2002, she studied to Masters level and moved to Strategic Management in the children and families sector. She has made significant budgetary savings to government establishments, including turning services around to becoming more productive.

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Muhammad AsimChief Technology Officer

Muhammad is a goal oriented person who puts his total effort into achieving targets set by himself and others. While most people quiver at the sight of a difficult challenge, Muhammad walks straight up to it and meets it head on. He is a developer of the highest order and nothing is ever too much for him. Above all, he is a proficient teacher; assisting other members with the latest procedures and so his helpfull nature emanates throughout the whole team. His spare time is spent on playing sports to get the much needed exercise while giving his mind a well-earned break.